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Professor Dumbledore to Harry Potter "Of course it happens in your head Harry, but why on earth should that mean it isn't really?"


On the shores of the holy Namtso Lake in Tibet during my trip to Tibet in 1997, I experienced the sky, the radiant blue, the clouds seemed to be  so close, as if they touched the lake, the grass and me and I sank into a meditative state of deep calm and saw images, saw me running around in my everyday life from appointment to appointment ... back from the trip I found this deep calm in yoga and meditation at home.

My love for meditation led me to Swami Prakashananda, Bihair School Cologne, in 2007, where I trained in Yoga Nidra, the method of deep relaxation. In Yoga Nidra you choose a heart's desire for your life, the Sankalpa.
Swami: "Which is your chosen sankalpa?"
Rose: "I want to have more calmness in my life."
Swami laughed out loud and said, “Life is never calm, life is always movement. You have to be calm yourself, then your life will be calm. "
Deep recognition flooded me and from then on my sankalpa was "I am calm" until it was fulfilled.

In 2010 I was faced with a task that seemed unsolvable. With Timoeteo, Peruvian shaman, I went on a shamanic journey to get help for this unsolvable task. I encountered two power animals that were the key to the solution. I was fascinated to find solutions in the dream world.
From then on, I researched deep relaxation, shamanic travel and meditation with curiosity and joy. This resulted in my dream trips for children and adults, in which I open magical spaces for you and you experience relaxation, connection with the whole universe and all beings, find help and healing, in order to courageously and joyfully go your heart's path in life in your strength.





Everyone loves the dream journeys and deep relaxation of Rose. That's why I came up with the idea of ​​creating a CD so that everyone can listen to Rose's voice no matter where and when. I also loved to listen to my mother Rose's voice when she sang goodnight songs or told me stories.


I am happy to support Rose with my IT and social media knowledge and thus help her to spread her yoga wisdom, dream journeys and deep relaxation and to realize her ideas.

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