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Inner journeys to the baby

The Inner Journeys to the Baby help with physical and mental relaxation. parents-to-be are growing into a new role. They have the uncertainty of birth ahead of them and are full of questions. Hormones influence the emotional moods during this time. Fears, trust, doubts, joy, worries, hopes, ... alternate. At this point, inner journeys support you to feel strong, to align yourself positively, to build trust in yourself, your partner, the baby and the birth, and to deepen your communication and relationship with the baby.

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Dream Journeys for children


The dream journeys help children to relax and be in balance. They strengthen their self-confidence and help them discover new ways of acting. Some dream journeys support children in their creativity and awaken new ideas for play.

Other dream journeys help them to feel secure so that they can fall asleep more easily.


Deep relaxation

Dive in?

A little time out in everyday life - treat yourself to an oasis of relaxation - Selfcare time

In deep relaxation you withdraw from the outside world and turn inwards. You will experience complete relaxation on a physical, mental and emotional level. You will feel refreshed and revitalised after the relaxation. Relaxed, grounded and with new energy you return to everyday life.

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