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I enjoyed cuddling with Teddy, Mummy and Louis and I liked the swan and the blue moon. 

- Lenny, 3 years

"I enjoy the relaxation with the wonderful voice of Rose very much. It relaxes and grounds me totally and gives me new energy for everyday life"


- Melanie B.

"We are a family of four, we rarely take the time to just lie on the sofa together in the evening and listen to a story together. Thanks to Rose's Advent calendar, we have now introduced this so that we can all cuddle up after dinner on the sofa with lots of pillows, blankets, a candle and start the story of Rose's dream journeys. The stories last ten minutes and are perfect for our two little boys who are still very young and have a short period of attention. The dream journeys are so imaginative and funny that our boys enjoy them, they become calm and listen attentively ... "


- Brigitta B.

Traumreisen sind sehr beruhigend und entspannend. Ich konnte 

super dank der Traumreisen einschlafen. 

Die Musik finde ich auch sehr entspannend. 
Meine Lieblings-Traumreise ist "Wolken zupfen". 


- Sole, 10 years

"Yoga Nidra connects me with my deepest inner self and helps me find answers to life questions.  On a physical level it provides me with total relaxation and balances my body, mind and spirit."


- Barbara M.

With Rose's dream journeys I can teach my children about 

conscious listening, perceiving and letting go.   My children, 7 and 10 years old, like the stories very much. I do too, and always look forward to listening together, to the intimate moments with my children, which otherwise often gets lost in the stress of everyday life.


- Lila, Mum of Tristan and Sole

Noemi listens to the dream journeys every evening to fall asleep. 

The dream journeys calm her and she enjoys them. 

In the past we used to go to sleep with her and now she sometimes says she wants to fall asleep alone while listening to the dream journeys. Sometimes she wants me or Dad Samuel to go with her as well. 


- Anita, Noemi's Mum 

Noemi always took a long time to fall asleep.

My wife brought these dream journeys home and we tried them out. 

Surprisingly, Noemi was able to relax so well and fall asleep faster. She usually falls asleep during the music part. 

- Samuel, Naomi's Dad

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